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Hi everyone!  A few days ago I was invited to a Creative Blog Hop by Natalya Loi and by Julia.  Thank you, Natalya! Thank you, Julia! :) This hop is about sharing a bit about oneself, and to show you some inspiring blogs. For the first, a few words about girls. Natalya is so so talented.  She makes amazing layouts, wonderful cards and other stunning creations. I love all her projects. If you do not know her creations, be sure to drop by her blog. And Julia is autor of Happy Day Workshop blog. She is designer at Assorti and thus I was lucky to know her art.  She makes so beautiful cards, layouts and very lovely albums. Make sure to visit her blog :)

Few words about me. I live in northern Poland, near the Baltic Sea, with  my 8 year old son, husband and three cats. It is me

and here are my boys

and here are cats.

What I am working on?
Now on my mind are ideas for some albums, one of the holidays and other in vintage flavour. And of course projects for current challenges on Assorti ;) I would like to have the mood for Christmas cards, but I haven't ;P

 How does my work differ from others in my genre? What is my style?
I wouldn’t say that I prefer some style, I just create using products I love.  I'm always looking for elements in everyday life.     I like to create multi-layered projects using card, wrapping paper, laces, fabrics, pages from books, pieces of wood, meters of thread  etc. I love using coffee to dye my projects and really can't use the inks ;) I always use sewing in my projects (I really rarely using a glue ;)). The one creative item I couldn't do without is cardboard. I never throw cardboard boxes away so I always have basis for albums or others projects. In general, I like using recyclable materials in my creations, many items found around the home can be used for projects.
Sometimes I try clean and simple style. And sometimes I try mixed-media but  (for some reason unknown to me) I'm not good at this ;)

Why do I create what I do?
First, I want to keep memories for my family and this is the reason why I started scrapbooking.  Second, love making  the little self-made things. And thirdly, quoting slogan from Sodalicious new collection, art is the best way to say f*** you to reality ;)

Where do I get my inspiration?

My Son is my best inspiration! But inspiration is all around. Mostly I am inspired by challenges (love sketches) and some paper collections, some artists blogs or pictures (Pinterest rules!), music or books.

And now, let me introduce some super talented crafters that I love to visit for inspiration.

She´s been a huge inspiration to me for many years now, and I really admire  her and her creativity. She is totally wonderful person. And she is  a Master of small forms  (do not deny! ;)) Her creations are totally amazing. All projects are unique, and each of them have a piece of her soul. So I can definitely recommend to give her blog a vist, that´s for sure. I know, you woudn't regret that. She won't pass the baton but this post can not be without mention about her :)

 Tanita is a very warm and friendly person :) And she is so talented girl. She is making really wonderful projects. She is super creative and her creations always put a smile on my face. Her art is an expression of the joy she finds in everyday life. Totally love her layouts. I want to invite you all to visit her amazing blog - Handmade by Rainbow.

I met her art thanks to  Assorti :) She is creating amazing projects.  Love every stunning detail on  her creations :)  I am fascinated with her creativity and  very happy to present  her in this Blog Hop event. So make sure to visit her blog, you won't be  regret :)

Thanks so much for coming by, your visits and comments are always a joy!


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  1. Kasia, bardzo ciekawe było poznać o Ciebie więcej! Dziękuję za zaproszenie do Blog Hopu! Jestem też szczęśliwą ze zapoznała się z twoimi pracami, które bardzo mi się podobą! :)

  2. Kasia, dziękuję ogromnie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love love love your work! This BLOG blows my American mind! Keep up the great work and know that you have a HUGE fan and follower across the world in me! I look forward to your future shares!

  4. Kasia, прекрасный пост! потрясающие работы! очень рада знакомству с тобой и твоим творчеством (спасибо Ассорти)))

  5. Świetny post, cudne zdjęcia ;) Ciekawe, ciekawe...:)

  6. You know how much I love your work, so it's wonderful to see this post with so many delights that I remember, and some I don't think I've seen before. Fantastic!
    Alison xx


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