Urban Jungle Bloggers - Kitchen Greens

Hi everyone! There is a new challenge at Urban Jungle Bloggers. The theme is 'Kitchen greens', so I invite you to my green kitchen :)

Thank you Judith and Igor for this lovely January theme :)
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  1. Och, cudności masz w kuchni...!!!

  2. Hello!

    Love your shelf with these bright green plants.

  3. Какой у Вас порядок на кухне! И так светло! Здорово!
    А растениям хватает света на полочке? Или там светильник есть специальный?

    1. Thank You! The Pothos do well in bright indirect light as well as low light, so only they can stand in these shelves :) They do well in this place :)

  4. Wow your kitchen is so lush & green, Kasia! Also really like the babies you are growing in your window sill! Thank you for sharing these photos with us!

  5. I love your urban jungle, Kasia - it all looks so smart and sleek (lovely china bowls and plates), and then there's the wonderful vintage touch of the glass bottles and the beautiful greenery - lovely.
    Alison xx


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